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What happened to the truth?
Did it go out of style? - Michael Jackson (via themuslimavenger)
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On this day, August 29th, 1958, the world’s most amazing humanitarian and music artist was born. By the age of 13, he was already considered a solo artist, winning a great number of music awards and winning hearts of fans all over the world. Michael Jackson’s contribution to music is beyond any calculation, and is the main foundation for any type of music today. His music does not belong to a genre , but it’s rather his own genre. The Michael Jackson music genre.Barely in his 20s , Jackson embarked on the recording of Thriller, which was later pronounced as the greatest selling album and music achievement of all time , and it’s still holding that title with no other album even reaching close.  By today, he has sold over 1 billion records. Jackson had 3 solo concert tours in his life time, and each were record breaking and were considered a phenomena , and each concert was attended by 60.000+ people. Wining every possible music award, Jackson used his fame and influence to guide the world into the healing of the planet and making the world a better place. His focus was on sick and hungry children, who he constantly helped through out his entire life.
Michael’s greatest achievement was making people happy. Not just the fans, but rather all of the sick children and hungry people to who he was constantly reaching out .
His reputation as an artist and as a person was slowly ruined by the media, do to his strong influence and contribution in destroying racism and manipulation in the music industry.Michael Jackson was not a dysfunctional person, nor was he a bad father. He raised his children into being non-spoiled teenagers and he loved them with all of his heart.Could a dysfunctional person do that ? No, he could not.
Michael Jackson passed away on June 25th, 2009, while in the middle of preparation the upcoming This Is It concert event that was due to take place in July on the same year in London. Hours of rehearsal footage, but also evidence of how little did the people who financed the concerts care for Michael Jackson , were left behind and have value behind calculation. His legacy is that he will be known as the greatest entertainer ever, and the greatest thing that ever happened to music in music history.
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